Wagner Farms You Pick Raspberries are a seasonal treat most of the time ready by the first week of July to start picking and running through the month into the first of August. Please call our farm at 315-339-5182 for the most up to date info regarding picking conditions. Since the flooding of 2013 our main crop of red raspberries has been reduced to a shorter season, while our black raspberries or commonly called black caps are our best crop and picking can't be beat anywhere else locally. We have about .75 acres of black raspberries and have three varieties which start in mid July and run through mid August. Don't forget about our purple raspberries also, they look and taste like red and black raspberries combined but with the texture of a red raspberry. They make great jams and jellies. The field is mowed and trimmed and easy to walk in. For handicapped use we allow drive up to the row picking. We have plenty of on site parking in easy walking distance to the field. We request any and all pickers to first stop at the farm stand and check in as we don't keep the raspberry field manned with extra help which would add to cost of production. We normally don't spray anything on the berries during the production season and only use herbicides to control weeds, meaning as you pick you can eat with no fear of any problems. As we have said before if we wouldn't eat we don't sell it.

Prices of You pick raspberries has held at $5/Lb for red and $5/Lb for blacks and purples for the last few years, we will continue to hold these prices as long as we can.

We do offer pre-picked raspberries as well, special order and only in small quantities prices vary depending on type and quantity wanted. Please call us for pricing and ordering.

Black Raspberries

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