Find the Best Produce in Rome

Local produce and other items in Rome, NY

There's nothing like the taste of fresh produce. And it tastes even better when it's locally-grown. Wagner Farms, located in Rome, NY, is a local fresh produce farm. As a locally owned and family operated company, we understand how important it is to give back to the community. We want you to experience the difference in taste that high quality, great tasting produce provides. If you've been looking for fresh produce and other locally-sourced goods, look no further.

Offering quality produce since 1998

Offering quality produce since 1998

Experience you can trust

Wagner Farms started out as vegetable garden, a direct result of a middle school and high school project. It then transformed into lawn care, then a greenhouse and finally a produce farm. Soon after, Wagner Farms started Berkshire-Rome Vendors' Market and then CNY Figgery-a fresh fig business-to become a three part local produce company.

Since its inception, Wagner Farms has been committed to upholding the highest standards in produce. We are focused on ensuring safety, saving the environment, reducing pesticides, multi-crop fields and specialized storage. As such, you can trust that when you buy goods from us, you and your family will be eating only the absolute best.

We offer the following:

•Fresh produce
•Small grains
•Brugmansia trees/angel's trumpet
•Other locally-sourced goods

Taste the Wagner Farms difference for yourself. Stop by our modern farm, taste fresh figs from CNY Figgery or visit Berkshire-Rome Vendors' Market today!

Farming is a way of life!
Always Question everything?
Don't ever just settle for something!
Never accept it for what it is.
Prove it can be done.
Have Fun while doing it.
Everything will go wrong!
You come out even stronger!

Farming is what it is, an honest way of living, providing and taking care of people, animals and Mother Earth with what is needed to live. We only ask you respect us and allow us to do what we do best...provide you with everything needed in life as well. RESPECT FARMERS. We are a dying breed of people, without us the Earth does not go around. Thank you.