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List of Brugmansias

All parts of plant are considered poisonous

This Angels Trumpet Tree has a trumpet shaped flower that hangs down. In the evening the flower is very fragrant. The tree will flower several times during the summer season with a few weeks rest period in between.

Angels Trumpet Trees are not hardy in this climate. Do not plant in the ground. Plant in a pot. Tree should be repotted in a 1-2 inch larger pot as it outgrows its current pot. The final pot should be one you are able to move.

After all danger of frost has passed the tree may be moved outside and grown in full sun for the summer. Keep tree protected from direct sun and wind for about a week to harden it off. Gradually move to its final growing place. Water and fertilize regularly.

Be sure to bring tree inside in the fall before frost or freezing temperatures arrive. When the bringing the tree in you can leave it as is if you have the space or prune it back to 2-3 feet tall. Keep soil moist during the winter but no fertilizer.

If you have any questions you may contact Wagner Farms at 315 339-5182.

Brugmansia Angel Trumpet trees are a sub tropical ornamental flowering tree which all parts should be considered poisonous or dangerous if they are eaten, or other wise consumed. We have many colors and type we grow, including singles, double, triples, quads. Pinks, oranges, whites, yellow, peach colors and many others, warm weather, cool weather, and Iachroma which is a mini cousin to the Brugmansia trees.

They can be grown in containers and treated as outdoor during the summer and indoor house plants during the winter. Or you can treat them as annuals and grow them in the grow during the summer. Flowering occurs most of the time once the tree has become root bound and has multiple tops or branched out. Blooms can be small or as large as 18" long depending on variety. They are extremely fragrant in the evening hours. Best grown with a good fertilizer used every watering to give the best results. For full care instructions please see the download link for care.

A quick video of the Brugmansia "Angel Trumpets" today in bloom. That's a lot of flowers..... What a smell in the evening .... ENJOY!Posted by Wagner Farms on Tuesday, July 14, 2015