Wagner Farms has donated over 400,000 lbs. of produce over the last 8 years to local and state organizations serving food banks, food pantries and needy families. This past year (in 2015), Wagner Farms donated over 300,000 lbs. of produce during the fall to many organizations. We grew 7 extra acres of winter squash and 2-3 extra acres of mixed items to donate. We donate to give, nothing more; we take no tax writeoffs or incentives from these donations. We believe in giving back to the community that supports us.

During the harvest of this past season we asked for the public's help, and on the first weekend of October we were joined by over 500 volunteers giving over 2,500 hours of their time to do so. Total volunteers reached 650 with over 3,500 hours of time donated by the end of the donation harvest and shipping of the product. We were so proud of our community, and 75 surrounding communities were also represented. Without people like you we could not have done this. We look forward to future donations and giving back to those who need it. We do it because we can and do. Follow us in doing so this next year.

Thank you to all who have supported us and given their time to feed the needy. The American farmer feeds all of us, never forget that.