Planet Jr. Farming Bringing back the old and making it new again!

Planet Jr. Farming
Bringing back the old and making it new again!

Bringing back the old and making it new again, not only a model but a way of new thinking and method of reducing pesticide use, hand weeding reducing cost of production all while having fun doing so.

2017 Onion sets being planted with old tech from the 1940's, including a late 1940's Planet Jr HW tractor and a Schutter & Hartz set planter made in Pleasant Valley Iowa, still working and being used to plant early onions.

Full line up of restored equipment which will be used in the coming years to further reduce pesticide use by mechanically cultivating, weeding and precision weeding plants in row and between.

A year ago it all started with a simple purchase of two machines giving us a total of three from a now great friend... One thing lead to another and another, this year and future years we will build on this idea and incorporate more and more useful ideas from the past...

Stock photos from Planet Jr books from the past, these walk behind tractors built the history of our area, They were heavily used on the Rome Muck lands... Today we are bring them back and using them.

Stock photo from Planet Jr books.

History from Rome, NY's past Muck farms on South James Street. This tractor belonged to family friends and was given to Ronald Wagner more than 24 years ago, at which time he restored as well he could as parts were missing until last year. This tractor along with several others were used on a 28 acre onion and produce farm for many years.

Here we see some of the many attachments which were offered for these tractors, three row planter used for small produce seed.

In the fall of 2016 three guys met at our farm, these guys are heading the east coast in the movement to bring back old ways of farming and allow for small, medium and even larger growers to become more profitable and better at growing all while reducing labor and the use of chemicals.

Our full line up of attachments which have all been restored to original condition for use and show at the farm. Be sure to stop out and see them!

10" bottom plow

Dozer Blade

Gang Disk

Custom Cultivator

Old with new, new modern finger weeders attached to old style frame and modern cultivator parts all combined to do 3 rows with a small walk behind tractor.

1940's Planet Jr B8 tractor while smaller in size has it's place in farming depending on size and crops.

These three photos show the multiple wrenches which were made for Planet Jr and their equipment. All still useful in everyday farming.. history made new..