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Wagner Farms produces thousand of bales of straw a year from the left over material from small grains production. Straw is a weed free, seed free, dry very absorbent material used in animal bedding, mulching projects for new seeding of lawns and fields and can be used for ornamental use during the fall. Most of our straw goes for horse bedding and home owners for mulch, dog bedding or ornamental use at Halloween.

We produce several types of straw including:

Winter Barley: used for ponds, bedding, etc
Malt Barley: used for bedding, etc
Winter wheat: used for horses and bedding animals, mulch etc
Triticale "a cross of rye and wheat": used for soft bedding in horses and animals
Rye: used in bedding, mulch, etc
Spelt "new to us this year 2016": should offer some of the softest bedding for animal we should have this year
Oats: animal bedding, mulch, etc

Pricing for our straw will remain at current prices until all straw has been harvested this year.

Wholesale orders are priced according to qty bought at a given time.
All sales are priced at time of pick up only and can not be combined to give a better price.
Storage of straw bought but not picked up could be charged extra fees.
Trucking is figured extra and on a mile basis
For more info please contact Ronald Wagner at 315-335-0716

Making straw today on the Farm. At Wagner Farms using a 1997 John Deere 328 baler and a 2355 tractor. 232 bales done and pick up ready to stack tomorrow. 300 plus bushels of Barley off 5.5 acres of ground. Not bad and moisture is 14.2%. Sometimes I like farming, other time not so much... Today was a good day. Nothing broke and we got it all done. Tomorrow we will do another 5.5 acres of Barley and bale straw as well. Then it can rain again. Enjoy....Posted by Wagner Farms on Sunday, July 5, 2015