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Wagner's BEST Potatoes are hand planted, hand harvested, hand sorted and hand packed to give you

Simply the BEST potatoes we can offer.

We still use paper potato bags as we feel they offer a better package to allow them to breath and prevents sunlight from turning them green.

Look for our potatoes late fall into winter. Thank you and Enjoy!


Wagner's BEST Sweet Corn has come from years of trials, customers reviews and our belief in only selling the BEST product we can. Each year we add to our already well known varieties and find even better ones for you to enjoy. We believe in quality control and customer satisfaction 100% when it comes to our sweet corn. If we wouldn't eat it then we won't sell it.

Simply the BEST! Our corn, while conventionally grown uses reduced insecticide and modern methods to control insects, we do not use any GE sweet corn varieties as we feel they are not the best. We are honest and truthful in our growing methods and will not ever lie about our crops to get a sale.

Timing is important for proper insect control, we spray one to two applications of mild insecticides at first tassel and first silk to prevent insect damage. This protects the ears while never contacting the corn on the cob. Since it takes another 21 days from that point we feel quite safe in selling the product knowing the consumer will not be exposed to questionable residues.

Find out why we sell the BEST sweet corn for yourself this year. Thank you and Enjoy!